It is rare to find someone irrespective of their financial or social status that is truly happy. Certainly some profess contentment but even the majority of those people will admit privately that there is still something, however tiny, missing from their lives. This may be just a niggle that something is absent, a physically palpable ache or an internal hollow. This void becomes more apparent when our life slows down and we have time to reflect on what is actually going on around us.

     Irrespective of our position in life, whether struggling on welfare, battling some disease, trying to cope with our children or having achieved great accomplishments or acquired wealth, power, fame, family, children, a villa on the beach and one in the mountains and a social life that would make a Hollywood star envious, everyone is looking for that illusive “thing” that will make their life complete and make them truly and completely happy.

     Bookshelves are filled with self help manuals, guides to become successful in business, a better parent, a better spouse a better lover. There are books on new age themes, diets to enlightenment, cults and organisations a plenty, all professing that they have the true and only secret to success and happiness - material, spiritual or otherwise.

     At first al these seem enticing. However once embarking on a chosen path, despite all the promises we soon realise that although some of these are not without merit and others are useful in specific areas none of these are able to provide us with or help us to find that which is missing - that which the heart truly wants.

     Although the unintended consequences of this book may improve your business, generate wealth or improve your relationships, its true and only intention is to put before you simple facts for your consideration and to see if they resonate.

     There are no radical life changes required, no special diets or rituals to be observed, no fees to pay or subscriptions to renew.

     Outlined in the following pages are simple truths which have not changed since the dawn of time from which you but only you can piece together that which is missing and that which your own heart truly wants.

     You just need to look and ponder over its simplicity and logic and perhaps begin to experiment by incorporating some concepts into your day to day life.