There is a delightful parable about a sincere young man who at the age of twenty asked the Lord to change this unjust world. Ten years passed, but the world remained the same. At the age of thirty the young man again addressed the Lord with another request this time to change, at least, his village. Another ten years passed but the village remained the same. This time the young man asked the Lord to change his neighbors, and then later to change his own family. Nonetheless, everything remained the same. At the age of sixty he requested the Lord to at least change, his evil wife, but still God remained deaf to his request. At last, at the age of seventy, he pleaded to God: “Oh, Lord! Finally I understand. Could You please help me change myself?” To which the Lord replied: “You know, today you have taken your first step towards Me”. Most people are so busy with criticizing and correcting their surroundings that it never occurs to them to think about their own imperfections. The cause is our ego- the cravings of our soul. It is our ego and that “helps” us see the imperfections in other people creating in turn an illusion which prevents us from any critical examination of ourselves. Unfortunately, quite often our ego manages to maintain this illusion throughout our whole life. Comparatively few of us manage to dispel the myth of our perfection created by our ego and to honestly examine ourselves. This material in this text is to a large extent a practical guide for all those who sincerely want, and are ready to change themselves.